November 14, 2013

Asakura Museum entranceAsakura Museum of Sculptures is a private museum where the artworks of Japanese sculptor Fumio Asakura are preserved and exhibited.


Fumio Asakura was an outstanding sculptor representing Japan from early to mid 1900s, and created a lot of masterpieces of sculpture.


He was also a professor of Tokyo University of the Arts and devoted himself to teaching young art students.


This museum used to be his art studio, residence and private carving school. He himself designed the buildings and the garden, so his own artistic sense, aesthetic consciousness and view of nature are excellently incorporated into the designs.

After entering the front gate, you first get to the western-style reinforced concrete building, where there was his art studio with natural light shining on it, and today his excellent sculptures are exhibited. Please look up at the roof. There is a sculpture of a man looking down at you. This shows Asakura’s excellent sense of humor and distinctive creativity.

Behind it, is his Japanese-style wooden house, which surrounds the central courtyard with a pond and seasonally blooming trees.

Asakura Museum of Sculptures reopened this October after four-and-a-half years’ hiatus, when renovation and earthquake strengthening works were conducted.

This museum gives you a good chance to appreciate not only excellent sculptural masterpieces but also the beauty of the private Japanese-style house and the garden in the 1960s.


You can see several artworks on the museum website: click here.

You can also see the inside of the museum on Taito Ward website: click here.


Asakura Museum of Sculptures is located in Tito Ward.

Opening hours: 9:30~16:30

Closed: Monday and Friday (If the day falls on a holiday, the following day is closed instead.)                                                New Year holidays

Admission fees: Adult   500yen   /   Elementary school,  junior high school, and senior high school student   250yen


It’s 5-minute walk from Nippori Station on JR Yamanote Line and on Keisei Main Line.



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