posted on December 14, 2014


Pier 19 in Queenstown

Pier 19

Pier 19

Pier 19 is a comfortable waterfront restaurant with both the inside and outside seating.

The outside seating allows a spectacular view of beautiful Lake Wakatipu surrounded by a high mountain range called The Remarkables.

Lake Wakatipu

Lake Wakatipu




After enjoying a stroll along the lake, my daughter and I dropped in at this restaurant.


Fish and Chips

They served us very delicious Fish and Chips, impressively arranged in a metal basket on a wooden plate.

Freshly-fried fish and chips were really crispy and tasty, which satisfied us and helped us make a good start in our trip in NZ.



Pier 19 website : click here



Patagonia Chocolates Queenstown

Close to Pier 19 and, of course, to Lake Wakatipu, is located Patagonia Chocolates, a cozy chocolate shop always crowded with customers.

Patagonia chocolates


Patagonia ice creams

Patagonia ice cream










ice cream

Dark Chocolate Ice Cream

Their homemade chocolates and ice creams were marvelous. Especially, the dark chocolate ice cream in a homemade waffle cone was superb! The store staff put a lot of ice cream in the cone, so single was more than enough for me alone.

 Patagonia Chocolates website : click here

Patagonia Chocolates Queenstown Facebook Page : click here



Auckland Fish Market in Auckland

The Auckland Fish Market is in the Wynyard Quarter and close to Halsey St Wharf. It’s about 10-minute walk from the city center, crossing the Wynyard Crossing Bridge, a bascule walking and cycling bridge.

Viaduct Harbor

Viaduct Harbor

The bridge is lifted when ships pass into the Viaduct Harbor area. Opening the bridge takes about 90 seconds; closing about 60 seconds. If you come across its opening or closing, you’ve got to wait till the ship passes. We happened to be there when the bridge just started to open. We were lucky to see it, but what was awful was it started raining and we had to wait standing in the rain and got drenched! This again made me remember the lesson, “Preparing for a sudden rain is basic in traveling around NZ.”

Wynyard Crossing Bridge

Wynyard Crossing Bridge

In the Auckland Fish Market. a variety of retailers sell a wide range of fish and seafood straight from the sea, and the restaurants there serve good dishes using fresh fish and seafood caught in the nearby sea.
I ordered today’s special with grilled fish and French fries; my daughter ordered grilled fish with vegetables. Normally, fried fish seemed to be more popular among customers, but we were a little fed up with greasy food. Luckily, they had a good catch of oysters that day, which we also savored very much.


Today’s special and Oysters

Auckland Fish Market website : click here



Chocolate Boutique in Auckland

Chocolate Boutique is located on Parnell Road in Parnell, which is the oldest suburb in Auckland and dates back to the earliest days of the European Settlement of Auckland in 1841. Along both sides of Parnell Road, stand fancy restaurants and cafes, fashionable boutiques and modern shops for furniture and lifestyle products.

Chacolate Boutique

Chocolate Boutique

Among all, Chocolate Boutique is conspicuous because of its attractive awning and deck out front. They sell a huge range of chocolates and also serve these chocolates, pudding, waffles, cakes and the like along with coffee, tea or hot chocolate. We enjoyed its chocolate mud cake with earl grey. The cake served with whipped cream was the most delicious of all the chocolate cakes I’ve ever had. No wonder I had such a feeling. Their sweets are famous and excellent enough to attract former US President Bill Clinton and make him visit this shop.

Chocolate Mud Cake

Chocolate Mud Cake

Chocolate Boutique website : click here



Devonport Stone Oven Bakery & Cafe in Auckland

Devonport is located on the north shore of Auckland and is famous for its picturesque historic village. Devonport used to be an island and was named after the Devonport naval base in the UK. In fact, it is home to the Royal New Zealand Navy and has many traces of maritime heritage.
We strolled along the shopping street near the harbor and then climbed up Mt. Victoria, after taking a 12-minute ferry ride from Auckland city center.
The views from the mountain top were stunning: tall buildings in Auckland city center far way with the wide blue sea in front.

View of Auckland city center from Mt. Victoria

View of Auckland city center from Mt. Victoria


BL 8 inch Disappearing Gun

BL 8 inch Disappearing Gun

Michael King Writers Center

Michael King Writers Center









We enjoyed lunch at Devonport Stone Oven Bakery & Cafe. The first thing I was impressed by when I stepped in was the great variety of bread baked there. Every one of them looked very delicious, which made me feel I’d be a regular customer if I lived in Devonport. They serve breakfast and lunch carefully cooked by full time chefs. I ordered Eggs Benedict and earl grey. The taste and portions were perfect.


Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict

Devonport Stone Oven Bakery & Cafe Website : click here



Devonport Chocolates in Auckland

Near Devonport Stone Oven Bakery & Cafe, stands a small family-run chocolate shop, Devonport Chocolates. My daughter and I picked several chocolates from among ones which were elaborately made one by one and beautifully displayed in the cabinet. We enjoy eating them while walking around the town (Sorry, we ate them up before taking pictures. Please take a look on the shop’s website). They melted gently in my mouth leaving palatable sweetness.

Devonport Chocolates website : click here







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