posted on December 8, 2013

The third step: Walking on footpaths in the Seven Sisters Country Park


brighton street

The street in Brighton running along the coastal line

This walking trip started at Victoria Station where we got on a train to Brighton.

It was about one-and-a-half-hour ride, and the train was crowded with young students in the middle of their summer vacation.

They were full of energy and seemed to be really enjoying spending time together.

While vaguely listening to their conversations, I was just looking out of the window at the scenery going by, which is one of my favorite ways of spending time abroad and makes me feel close to people there.




Brighton Marine Palace and Pier

Brighton Station was also crowed with day-trippers from London.

We luckily found one of the bus company staff in front of the station, got one-day-saver-tickets, and got on the bus to the Seven Sisters Country Park.

Brighton is a famous seaside resort and featured in many movies.

I think I’ve seen Brighton Marine Palace and Pier in movies like “The Remains of the Day,” “Nowhere Boy,” and “The Young Victoria.”

It was a one-hour bus ride. We first sat on the very front seats on the upper floor of a double-decker bus, but the sunlight was so strong that we moved to the shaded area.

The views from the window were splendid : beautiful houses standing along the coastal line and the blue ocean shining by the reflection of sunlight.



The park entrance gate

The park entrance gate

We got off the bus at the Seven Sisters Country Park Visitor Center, and got a park map and bought bottles of water there to stay well hydrated.


It was a really hot day.


We started walking around 11:50, and headed to the beach. It was about 30-minute walk from the park entrance gate to the beach.




The footpath ran almost straight along beautiful lagoons which provided a habitat for wading birds. Sheep were browsing here and there in a relaxed and leisurely manner in meadows where hay bales were lying in places.

s.s zenntais.s. sheep

s.s. hay roll









s.s. lake



It was an easy walk to the beach, where some people were enjoying bathing in the sea or in the sun. From there, we had a magnificent view of Seven Sisters Cliffs, which were made from chalk formed underneath the sea millions of years ago.

s.s. cliff 1



Near the beach, there was a footpath which led us to the top of one of the cliffs, where we enjoyed our lunch around 12:45 overlooking the emerald green ocean, beach and lagoons. Then, we started walking again along the footpath running on the cliffs which gently went up and down.  Looking around, we saw dim human figures far ahead and far behind along the footpath, and on the right, we saw a boundless expanse of Atlantic Ocean and a couple of yachts sailing before the wind there. It was just like I was all alone on the vast grassland between the sky and the ocean.


s.s. cliff mend

s.s cliff 8


s.s. cliff 8




In places, there were public footpath signs and cattle gates.

s.s. sign 1 s.s. sign 2













Around 14:00, we got to Belle Tout Lighthouse, a bed and breakfast overlooking the ocean, and took some rest at its cafe. In front of the B&B, there were huge steel stairs which led us down to the beach spreading under the white cliff. Many people were enjoying time with their family during the summer holidays.



s.s.ccliff 9




s.s. lighthouseWe started walking again up to Beachy Head Countryside Center, which is about 530ft (162m) above sea level and is the highest chalk sea cliff in the UK.

Beachy Head is famous for its iconic red and white striped lighthouse, which is located about 165m seawards of the cliffs.

Around 15:20, we got on a bus back to Brighton near Belle Tout Lighthouse.

We again sat on the very front seats on the upper floor of the bus (fortunately, the sunlight wasn’t strong this time) running amazingly fast breaking off the twigs appearing one after another in front.

Around 16:00, we got on a train for Victoria Station. In the train, we met a really cute girl who seemed to have had a pleasant time at the beach with her father.

I made a origami frog using a train timetable for her.

I regretted having no origami paper with me.

At Victoria Station, we bought sushi at the sushi restaurant there (sushi was very popular in the UK and the big stations often had sushi restaurants), and our enjoyable trip ended with a feeling of contentment and a little exhaustion.




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