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Day 2 (Nov. 25,2014)
Trekking from Lake Mackenzie(height: 892m/2926ft) through Harris Saddle(height: 1255m/4117ft)
to Routeburn Falls(height: 972m/3189ft)
Distance: 11km(6.9miles) / Time: 4-6 hours

In the morning, it was a good weather; the mountains seen from the window were shining in the morning sun. Before breakfast, we made our own picnic lunch by using various ingredients offered on the tables in the dining room. Fresh fruit and snacks were also available for anyone who needed. Breakfast served in the warm dining room with a fireplace was perfect; oatmeal, cereal, toast, fruit, fresh coffee and tea, milk, and moreover, Eggs Benedict!
Feeling full, I got ready for today’s walk and wrote a thank-you message in the notebook at the entrance.

スクリーンショット 2015-01-04 16.46.17 まっけんじ〜ルートバンファール

Map of the tracks form Lake Mackenzie to Routeburn Falls

The day 2 started with a photo shoot of all the members beside Lake Mackenzie. Like the day before, we started walking freely at our own pace. From the lake to Ocean Peak Corner, we climbed up a series of zigzag tracks enjoying the spectacular views of Lake Mackenzie and the surrounding mountains. The views constantly changed as we climbed higher, which gave us good opportunities to appreciate the beauty of the lake and take memorable pictures. On the way, because we passed the tree line, the trees became scarce and the scenery became more rocky and more filled with alpine flora. 

lake mackenzie lookdown

Lake Mackenzie

Distant view of Ailsa Mountains from the track to ocean peak corner

Distant view of Ailsa Mountains from the track to Ocean Peak Corner


Ocean Peak Corner
After less than 2-hour walk on successive ascents, we reached Ocean Peak Corner, which commanded a stunning view of the Darran Mountains across the Hollyford Valley. Through the valley, the Hollyford River flows northwest to the Tasman Sea at Martins Bay. There, we took a short break and prepared ourselves for rain. Dark clouds were starting to hang over us.
From Ocean Peak Corner, we walked, in occasional rain, up and down the tracks along the Hollyford Face, where we could enjoy beautiful mountain views with the Darran Mountains in front and the Hollyford Valley far below.

Looking along

Looking across the Hollyford Valley to the Darran Mountains

looking along the hollyford  2

Looking along the Hollyford Valley toward Martins Bay and the Tasman Sea

スクリーンショット 2015-01-06 10.00.56

Ocean Peak~the Hollyford River~Martins Bay

ocean peak corner panorama

Panoramic view from Ocean Peak Corner

opc からHS  track

View of the track from Ocean Peak Corner to Harris Saddle

opc から HS panorama

Panoramic view of Darran Mountains and the tracks along Hollyford Face

steep climb before Harris Saddle

Steep track before Harris Saddle


Harris Saddle (height:1255m/4117ft)
After climbing up the metallic ladder attached to the rocky cliff, we saw the track leading to the shelters at Harris Saddle. In the shelter, we had a lunch break and warmed ourselves drinking coffee, tea, or Milo our guides served us. We were cold after walking in chill rain.
Unfortunately, we had to give up ascending Conical Hill(1515 meter high/the highest point of the entire track) because of the bad weather. We started walking around Lake Harris in rain, descending into the Routeburn Valley. It was fairly tough for me to walk on rocky tracks. With the trekking poles, I managed to make it. I was lucky to have rented them at Ultimate Hikes. 

harris saddle mark

Harris Saddle direction board


Harris Saddle shelters: photo by Nomadtales in Wikimedia











lake harris

Lake Harris

wooden path

Wooden path

rock tunnel

Nature-made tunnel through a huge rock








harris saddle 後 panorama

Track from Harris Saddle to Routeburn Falls

rt day 2 rocky path 最後

Last descent to Routeburn Falls Lodge


Routeburn Falls Lodge (height: 970m/3182ft)
After descending the steep rocky track, Routeburn Falls Lodge came into sight. We were warmly welcomed by the lodge staff also there, with refreshments and fruit. That night, my daughter and I shared a room with Katrin. What a pleasure! After taking a shower and doing washing, we again had a relaxed time in the lounge and enjoyed an excellent dinner. The pleasant dinner was closed with a pancake tossing game, and we all had great fun! 

Panoramic view of Routeburn Falls and Routeburn Falls Lodge


Routeburn Falls Lodge: photo from Ultimate Hikes free download photos

falls lodge fireplace

Fireplace in Routeburn Falls Lodge











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