November 23, 2013

ms. nagaiLike people in other countries, quite a few Japanese keep dogs and take good care of their dogs as a member of their family.

Every morning, they walk their dogs, and I pass some of such dog lovers and their cute dogs on the path when jogging.

However, there is something which makes Japanese dog lovers different from those abroad.



That is they carry a small bag when walking their dogs. In the bag, there are several small plastic bags and pocket tissues.

Sometimes, a scoop is also in it. These things are essential in walking dogs, and are used to take care of their dogs’ waste. Generally, it’s regarded as lacking in a sense of public morality to leave the stuff as it is after their dog has done its business. Some dog owners have a plastic bottle of water to clean the place where their dogs have peed.

Thanks to these public-spirited owners, streets and paths are dog-pxx-free.


The picture shows my friend and her ten-year-old dog, Riki.

Of course, she has her bag and essential items for walking a dog. She walks him four times a day, because he suffers from urinary calculi and has difficulty taking a pee. Though he may not be in a good condition, he is living a satisfying life in a loving environment his owner offers.


Edit: I heard happy news about Riki and my friend when I met them the other day. The calcium level in Riki’s urine dropped to the normal level and he is quite fine now. I’m really happy for them.



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